NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Nintendo Wii: Video Game Review

The first time I got a glimpse of Nights in a recent Nintendo Power magazine I was enthralled. I wanted it, not because the game play looked stunning, but because it was the first game that appealed to me, and it included online play.
Oh yeah, something I have been waiting for. Nights, would in fact be my first Wii game that included online play. I wondered how the game would execute the online play. According to Nintendo Power, I would be able to create my own world and have other Night players visit. Wow! This sounded just about as cool as Animal Crossing.

Honestly, I was never a Night fan. I never knew a thing about the game, and this Wii title would be my first taste of what this game had to offer.

I plopped the disc into my Wii, and let the game rip. I was greeted with amazing and stunning graphics that I was not expecting from the Wii. Nights by far has the best graphics and visuals I have seen in a Wii game yet.

After the gorgeous visuals I was then taken to a bedroom. Spit screen. On one side of the screen a boy named Will laid in bed, and on the other screen a girl named Helen. I got to choose which child I wanted to use during game play.

Do I want to enter Will’s dream, or Helen’s dream?

I choose the girl. So I will refer to my review using her name although if you choose the boy character, you would be using Will instead.

After choosing to play using Helen, I was taken to another cut scene which involved Helen ditching her moms music lesson to go hang out with friends. Another cut scene later, and I am taken to Nightopia.

This is where you meet Nights (a purple jester looking character), and the game begins. Your purpose in Nights is to defeat the bad dudes who stole your Ideya (pieces from your heart that all represent something different. Red Ideya is for courage, white for strength, and so on). Like all games, their always has to be bad dudes.

After meeting Nights Helen and the purple flying jester intertwine and you are able to fly. Throughout the game you will use Nights and Helen, as they tend to separate often. Helen without Nights does not have the ability to fly. Using her in game play is still fun though.

What’s Not So Hot:

-What sucked about the game though was that some boards were very fast paced, and with Nights zipping through the air at rocket speeds, unlike stella game review it’s hard to take in all of the visual beauty that the worlds have to offer.

-The controls take some getting used to, and in some missions in the game you become confused about how to destroy an enemy. The first boss for instance is a swimming metal piranha fish. In order to kill him you have to preform circular flight motions. Its odd and weird, but with practice you sort of ‘get’ it.

-If you fail a mission you have to start all over again. You do not get to begin where you left off, you start the entire thing again.

-You cannot communicate in text with other wifi players. You are able to communicate using the minimal amount of pictures and logos that come in the game. SUCKS!

-Although this is an adventure game, Nights in ways feels like a party game, and reminds me a lot of the first release of Rayman on the Wii. Where you enter doors, complete mini missions, and move on to anther mini mission. In Nights though the missions are a bit longer, but the game play still feels like Raymans set up, where you enter doors and complete missions behind each door.

-I also cannot stand that I am pushed back to the main gates after every passed mission. The cut scene in between is long, and gets annoying after awhile. Especially when you feel like you are watching TV more than you are actually playing.

My Dream:

This is the main reason I wanted Nights. I wanted online play, and this is where it all happens. After reading pre-reviews on Nights, I assumed that I would be able to create my world from scratch and make it the way I wanted. It’s a lot harder to create this world of dreams though when you are limited with only the items/creatures you are able to capture.

Although I wasn’t fond of the My Dream area in the game right away. It does get better, because you can trade things with other players. However most players as of now, are limited to the same stupid crap you have already caught. Other players also are in no rush to give you something they managed to get.

The My Dream area is where you can invite other players in to view your captured creatures. You can also exchange items. Overall though, I’m not too thrilled with the online play.

What is probably the neatest feature is that Nights links with your weather channel and will display the weather you are experiencing in real life, in the game. So if it’s snowing, it will be snowing in Nights as well.

We have had nothing but decent mild weather since I got the game though, so I will have to wait and see how well it works when snow is in our forecast.

What Rocks?

-The My Dream aspect of the game has some potential. It’s definitely fun if it is the first time playing your wii on wifi.

-Flying with Nights is really fun. Although the controls are a bit confusing at first, it gets easy, and when you get the grasp of flight it’s really a fun was to play a game.

-You can battle up to 4 other players in 2 player mode.

-You are graded in each mission from D (barely passing) to an A (great job). If you finish a mission well you get a good grade; not so well, bad grade. It’s fun being able to go back to a mission where you got a D, and to try and improve your scoring/grade.

-As I already mentioned, the graphics and music in Nights is spectacular. Cut scenes may be a bit too long for my liking, but they are all very beautiful, and come packed with gorgeously orchestrated music.

-After beating a boss stage Nights is given a new mask. These masks allow him to transform into something other than himself. You will transform into a dolphin when you enter water, and a rocket when you hit the C pad. Other masks are rewarded with each boss you defeat. The masks are cool, and gives the game a new feel.


For me, Nights is worth a buy. Although it has it’s flaws, it also has some really funny and beautiful missions to complete. The music is fantastic, and the game play is fun. If they would of worked on the wifi a bit more, I probably would of been 100% satisfied in the game. As of now, wii game developers that include wifi seem to be dicking around with online ability, and not fully giving players what they want.

I’d give Nights a 7 out of 10. I’m sure Nights 2 for the Wii will fix up the loose ends.

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